Can a wife file domestic violence complaint after the divorce?

  • Can a wife file domestic violence complaint after the divorce?
    20 Jun

    Can a wife file domestic violence complaint after the divorce?

    According to the Indian constitution, the central vision is to promote freedom to an individual. A person can get punishment if he or she does discrimination based on gender, religion, caste, or creed. Therefore, every type of domestic violence, as well as sexual harassment, is a total criminal offense. According to Indian law, it is evident that a person who is oppressing and doing such kind of activity will not be spared. Now the question is whether a woman can file a domestic abuse case on her husband when the divorce is done. Soon we the criminal lawyers of Kolkata will give a proper answer to the questions.

    Yes, you can!

    If there has been a case of an abusive relationship in your marriage even before the divorce case, then it is going to be a criminal offense. After the Supreme Court decision, it is clear that any woman can file a lawsuit of domestic abuse against the husband. There will be a new case based on the abuse that occurred, and further proceedings will come forward. If you need any assistance, then we, the top family lawyers of Kolkata, are here to help you. Not only that, but we will help you enforce the law, which came into being in October 2006. we will help you demonstrate the law in which you can take justice for what happened to you.

    Updation of the law

    Being one of the best domestic violence family lawyers, we know that the law has changed for the better. Even after complete separation, the abusive behavior of the ex-husband will not be tolerated. You will be able to file a case, and any lady can get the security from the law. There can be a case in which the husband is not providing the alimony of the divorce. In that case, you can ask for justice from law, and even condemn the other family units involved in the case.


    Domestic violence is not a tolerable issue indifferent to whether it is physically, sexually, or emotionally done. It is offensive torture and punishable under the code of conduct. In case something like this is happening with you, do not hesitate to seek help.

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