Differences between mutual consent and contested divorce.

  • Differences between mutual consent and contested divorce.
    20 Jun

    Differences between mutual consent and contested divorce.

    It is said that marriages are made in heaven, and it is a powerful bond. But sometimes even the most solid relationships break off, and unfortunate things come up. Two different types of divorce are known as Mutual consent and contested divorce. Today we are going put forward a comparison between Mutual consent divorce as well as the one with the contest. Then you will understand the intricate detailing of the same along with the key differences.

    Mutual consent divorce

    In this specific type of divorce, both the partners try to end their marriage with the help of divorce proceedings. Not only that, but there is no contest in the divorce, and both sides try to prove what they want to get out of the proceedings. In this case, you will find that there is a joint petition for the child's custody. Also, the reputed family lawyers will do proceedings regarding alimony maintenance as well as the property.

    Contested divorce

    In case you want this kind of divorce, you will have to contest with your partner. It is a single side complaint about the divorce, and if the partner does not want, he or she will compete against the same. Both the kind of divorces have intricate detailing to look on to.

    Kinds of the divorce petition

    When it is about the mutual consent divorce, there is a joint divorce file or petition. But in the other case, it is going to be one partner against the other. Therefore, definition will be done on an individual basis, and after that, the contesting will start.

    How will family lawyers help with the court proceedings?

    In case of a mutual divorce petition, we, the top lawyers of Kolkata, will help in making the introductory motion. Then we will give you cool off along with second proceeding. Then the final movement will be the divorce decree, and finally, the case rests.

    When it is a contested divorce, even help in filing the petition and giving the notice to the other party. Also, we will do a proper recording of the statement, and then there will be an examination of the evidence along with the witness. Last but not least, we will give the divorce decree.

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