Is your marriage a gamble? Know how you can get a relief.

  • Is your marriage a gamble? Know how you can get a relief.
    29 Sep

    Is your marriage a gamble? Know how you can get a relief.

    Marriage can be a gamble sometimes. It is a powerful bond that makes a sweet home. Every marriage is not successful. Sometimes relationship breaks up to the point of no return. In such situations, divorce is the only option. Divorce can either be of mutual consent or after a contest. Let us talk about all angles of the latest divorce law.


    Mutual divorce


    Mutual divorce is the most suitable option for both husband and wife if they think it is impossible to continue in the marriage. It saves time, money, and the reputation of both sides. Most matured and educated couples who are seeking a divorce, go for divorce with mutual consent. Do you know that divorce legal services are made easy and available by Adriot Legal Services, the best law firm from Kolkata? Their top divorce lawyers guide you step by step in a professional manner to get a mutual divorce in a reasonable time. It is important to know the steps properly.


    Petition for mutual divorce


    Drafting a petition for court submission is the first step. For this Adriot Legal service will know from you when both of you stayed together for the last time. It is also needed to know about both of your present address. In case of mutual divorce Adriot Legal Services lawyers normally file a joint petition as part of the evidence in court.


    Court appearance


    Once the court takes up your case, our divorce lawyers accompany you to stand before the court. Regarding the secrecy of papers and petition, our experts take a proper and strict step. They stand by you in court at the time of investigations. When it is found by the court that both partners can not reconcile, divorce proceedings will end with a judgment for permanent separation.


    Other steps


    Court orders for statement recording when the petition scrutiny is complete. Two motion orders are reviewed after a gap of six months. It is done to see whether you are changing your mind or not. During this period, you are free to withdraw the consent. Adriot Legal Services provide all sorts of trial assistance during these steps. We represent you in court and protect your legal right and privacy.


    Decree of divorce


    As soon as the court is satisfied with the mutual divorce proceedings, a divorce decree is issued. The court delivers this final judgment after being sure that no marriage reconciliation is possible. Our family lawyers take appropriate steps to decide in your favor.


    Contested divorce


    In a contested divorce a single side petition is drafted when the partner is likely to oppose. Adriot Legal Services divorce lawyers are expert enough to handle your contested divorce case in an appropriate court. Petition filing, court proceedings, trials, and evidence submission for court investigation are professionally done by family lawyers to give you divorce decree in due course. We know how important this decree is for you and also for a fresh beginning in life!


    Adriot Legal Services for you


    Adriot Legal Services from Kolkata analyses your divorce legal service needs. We provide all support in cases like domestic violence, dowry, child custody, sexual abuses and violence, pre-marriage, or pre-divorce counseling.

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