Step by step process for divorce with mutual consent

  • Step by step process for divorce with mutual consent
    20 Jun

    Step by step process for divorce with mutual consent

    Every marriage does not end in a good note, and divorce is a mandatory process when both are not agreeing to live together. Mutual consent is a suitable method for divorce because, in this case, both the partners agree to the separation. Whenever there are a lot of differences between two individuals, the partners decide to end the marriage. We are one of the top divorce lawyers in Kolkata who are going to help you with the same. Let us talk about the step by step process in which you can get the divorce proceeding done.

    Filing of the petition

    The very first thing that you have to do is buy the current location of the white as well as the husband. Also, it should be documented where the husband and wife lived together for the last time. The very first step is drafting, as well as the filing of the petition, but it has to be done appropriately. Whenever it is the case of mutual divorce, there should be a joint filing that would give substantial evidence during the trial.

    Standing before the court

    After the filing of the petition, both parties need to stand in front of the court, along with their divorce lawyers. There will be total scrutiny regarding all the documents, and the lawyers will take care of the proceedings. The investigation process is done with intricate detailing so that there is a possible method of mitigation between both parties. If there is no chance of reconciliation, then the divorce proceeding will be complete.

    Recording the statement on oath

    Once the quote is happy with the petition scrutiny, then there will be a statement record process. Then there will be a review of first motion order and a second motion order after a duration of six months. Once that is done, even help you induce the final hearing, which is also known as the second motion. If within this time, anybody wants to withdraw the consent, they can do it.

    Divorce decree

    Last but not least comes the part of the decree of divorce. After the proceedings are satisfactory, and the court sees that there is no chance of marriage reconciliation, there will be a decree of divorce and the declaration that the marriage can be dissolved. Whenever you want, you can seek assistance from the family lawyers in Kolkata. This way, you will not be disappointed and will not have to waste much time.

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