Steps To File a Case In India’s Consumer Court

  • Steps To File a Case In India’s Consumer Court
    05 Nov

    Steps To File a Case In India’s Consumer Court

    A Consumer Court is established under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 to adjudicate and redress disputes in India. These courts are established at the state, district and national levels. Unlike other forms of litigation, filing a complaint in a Consumer Court is cost-effective and easy. But, you still need the assistance of a consumer protection lawyer to help you understand all the processes and the legal steps that you can take. At Adriot Legal Services, we work with expert consumer protection lawyers who you can contact.

    Here is the procedure to file a complaint in a Consumer Court.

    Step 1 – Intimation through a notice

    The aggrieved party has to send a notice to the service provider who provides the services or the goods. The notice will communicate the intention of the complainer to fall back on litigation. Also, it will be communicating the inefficiency in the service or defects in the goods. The notice is also seen as an attempt to solve the dispute without approaching the forum.

    Step 2 – Draft the consumer complaint

    If the service or goods provider is not willing to offer compensation, the next step is to prepare to file a formal complaint. The complaint is filed by the aggrieved person. The complaint must have necessary details like, the name, address and description of the complainant; the cause of action and the approximate time, date and venue; the relevant facts relating to the cause of action; the verification and signature by the complainant or the authorized agent; and the remedy or relief claimed by the complainant.

    Step 3 – Relevant documents attached to the formal complaint

    Copies of relevant documents and material evidence has to be attached and submitted in the Consumer Court. The documents include a copy of the written complaint sent to the seller/manufacturer, guarantee or warranty certificates and a copy of the receipt of delivery, bill, packaging of the product and a record of online booking of the goods bought.

    Step 4 – Choosing the right forum

    When it comes to filing the complaint, you have to choose the right consumer forum and for that, our consumer protection lawyers can help you. The forum has to be accordance to the pecuniary jurisdiction that is estimated in reference to the value of the services availed or goods bought and the compensation amount that you seek.

    Step 5 – Payment of requisite court fees

    Along with the complaint, you have to pay a prescribed fee. The fee varies from forum to forum. The fee that you have to pay the court depends on the value of goods that you have bought and the amount that you are seeking as compensation.

    Step 6 – Affidavit submission

    You need to submit an affidavit in the Consumer Court. The affidavit has to state that all the statements made and facts presented by the consumer is true to his or her knowledge.

    So, if you have bought a product or availed a service that has caused you great distress and harassment, talk to Adriot Legal Services. Our expert and experienced civil case lawyers will help you with your case.

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