Steps to follow after getting a legal notice

  • Steps to follow after getting a legal notice
    20 Jun

    Steps to follow after getting a legal notice

    A legal notice is initiated when there is a breach of an agreement between two or more parties. Nothing is valid without a legal agreement, with all parties signed in front of the witness. Now there can be situations of breaching the contract by one or more said parties. If that affects the interest of other party/parties, it comes under a legal solicitation, where sending a legal notice to the breaching party/parties comes into action before a case filing.

    What is a legal notice?

    A legal notice is the notification of the sender's discomfort and a clear call to solve the issues created by the receiving party/ parties legitimately. An appointed lawyer by the concerned party can send the legal notice on their letterhead.

    Why a legal notice?

    It is merely to state the party's claims to resolve the matter before suiting a court case. A legal proceeding has its process involved, and to attach a fair process into a legal notice is issued. It also allows the receiving party to defend themselves by hiring a family lawyer and finding an adequate solution for the dispute.

    How to react after getting a legal notice?

    If you have received a legal notice, you must justify his stands by replying the same; else, it will go against you during the court process.

    Process of planning to answer to the legal notice

    You must do your homework correctly to reply a legal notice. Read it thoroughly, understand the points that have been raised to sue you, and get proper justifications from your end for every aspect. Consult a suitable family lawyer in Kolkata, hand over all the matter, and documents to him/her to get the best solution.

    Replying to the legal notice

    As you have consulted the top lawyers of Kolkata high court, he/she can provide either advice for negotiations with the sending parties, where a midway settlement may come out. It can be filing a motion to question the validity of the claim. If the court accepts it, the legal notice has no value, or you get time to prepare for your defense. Your lawyer may advise you for a justified reply on his/her letterhead after understanding the entire matter. The response should be to the point, explaining the claimant's facts and figures to justify your stand. So, after getting legal notice, you should not panic. Just be calm and composed and smartly think of taking proper steps. It's essential to consult with reputed lawyers in Kolkata for the process and correct solutions.

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