Child Custody

  • Child Custody

    Problems in marriage are quite common and disagreement can lead to custody problems in the child. In the perspective there are two primordial issues that you need to resolve whenever there are any problems regarding child custody. The first problem being who will be the responsible person for taking the legal decision of the child. Also, the physical presence of the child will be with which parent on a regular basis.

    In the second problem there can be a joint solution but the first problem remains an enigma. But now that we are here to help you out you will not have any problems. We as a lawyer have worked in the various courts of West Bengal and there is hardly any case that we cannot resolve.

    The interest of the child

    Our specialized team will take care that's your child's interest gets the primary attention. The fight regarding custody can be very stressful at first which is why it is up to the child where he or she would want to reside.

    Confidence with courtroom

    We know how to arrange the keys and presented them in front of the courtroom so that Justice can be served. The child will be residing with a parent who takes the most care of him or her. Even if the court Room procedure becomes complex, we have the confidence to make it simple and take out the correct judgment.

    Ability with child support

    Being an experienced divorce lawyer in Kolkata, we know how to negotiate on the payment that your spouse will be given for the maintenance of the child. Without an appropriate professional by your side you would not be able to know how to tackle the situation and you might be stuck with the support problems.

    Negotiating capacity

    We take pride in mentioning that we are the best lawyers in Kolkata High Court. We have been able to secure this position because of our negotiating capacity. We know how to protect your rights and we will give you what you deserve.

    You just have to remember that the top civil lawyers of Calcutta High Court and Alipore Court are just a click away from you. So, what are you waiting for?

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