Dowry Case

  • Dowry Case

    Even in the 21st century we have one of the most disgusting criminal offenses which are known as the Dowry system. Not only in rural areas but also it is prevalent in some of the urban areas. Today we will talk about how we can help you out in case you are a victim of the Dowry system. Our Law Firm strongly believes that women cannot be objectified in the name of dowry. We will handle the case with care, and we will do a strict analysis as well. There is a dowry prohibition Act of 1961 which is against the acceptance of Dowry in India. We will work in accordance with the act and help you in prosecuting the convicted.

    What can you expect from us?

    We are already law firm and we know what to do in case of Dowry claims. Giving and accepting Dowry in India is still a common problem and a punishable offense as well. If you are convicted of the same you can get at least five years of imprisonment along with INR 15000 as a fine. Even if it is a conviction then we will make sure that you get the benefit of the doubt. We will analyze the case critically and see that there are no loopholes whatsoever. There is going to be a strict punishment for giving or taking dowry and the imprisonment time can go from six months to five years. We will give you the utmost help in the prohibition of dowry.

    What are the benefits of hiring an advocate in case of dowry?

    We as a lawyer will help in critically analyzing the case as well as taking out the detailing of the same. We will help in understanding who is being wrong and the severity of the case. In addition to that we will also give the benefit of Doubt to the convicted and even fight as a defendant if he's not guilty. Our main mission and vision are to give Justice to the case and fight for the truth.

    If you think of fighting a dowry case then you already know the best place to do so. We are one of the top legal firms in Kolkata, and we are just a click away from you. So why wait?

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